Automation expert



Industrial Controls Engineering (Pvt) Ltd.  comprises industrial experts providing advanced technical solutions. Our main focus is manufacturing industry.  We perform work to the highest quality standards by using best products and practices. Innitiated as Kamlin Lanka in 2017, we started as a small firm but with experienced engineers and gained the trust of customers by showing the best performance.


Introduction of new technologies is changing the way the problems are solved. Automation has gradually become an automatic operating system with integrated automatic detection, data transmission, judgment and control that are directly executed according to program instructions. Through advanced power electronics technology, industrial automation has reached a higher level. A complete set of industrial automation systems is able to carry out intelligent control and complete programming, while controlling and operating independently.


We are involved in various fields, including food, textiles, chemicals, electronics, rubber, plastics, pharmaceuticals, printing, metal machine tools, processing machines and automated manufacturing equipment, as well as smart air conditioning, water supply, energy-saving equipment and system solutions for factories and buildings.